Half of February, all of March

The bad news is that almost half of February is missing from the newly updated Dry Garden Events. I was busy and compiling is time-consuming. The good news is what remains of this short month is there. So is March. The programs are first class. If you have an event that is not included that you would like to be noted, do leave a message in the comment box or send details by e-mail to: emily.green [@] mac.com.

December fully loaded

Wreath-making at Tree of Life Nursery

December’s short days have a short calendar for dry garden events in Southern California, but the selection is as twinkling as anything the solstice season can offer. Editor’s picks include classes by Barbara Eisenstein, Carol Bornstein and Lili Singer at the Theodore Payne Foundation along with James Kenney at the California Native Plant Society. Enjoy!

November fully loaded

November dry garden events for Southern California are finally online here. Events include expert tutorials on native plant garden design in Santa Monica, Sun Valley and San Diego. (Run, don’t walk, to the Theodore Payne Foundation to book a place in Susanne Jett’s course — she designed Garden/garden for the City of Santa Monica.) There will be talks by Jessica Hall of LA Creek Freak on stream restoration, Ellen Mackey of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California on stormwater diversion* and Lili Singer of the Theodore Payne Foundation on native plant horticulture. There are plenty of restoration projects and, for those less enamored by the wild and more rapt by exotica, a new CEO will be talking about the future of The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. For native plant lovers, the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden will be having its fall plant sale. Afflicted

October fully loaded

Click on the ten for a full October calendar of plant sales, classes, lectures and hikes.

Butterflies in Claremont

A new butterfly pavilion opens to the public at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden on June 12. Click here for details. For region-wide listings of classes on butterfly gardens, water-wise irrigation, replacing lawn with natives, looks inside the Arboretum library, hikes and preservation efforts, click here for June and here for July.

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