Marcie Edwards nominated to lead LADWP

Today's press release announcing a new nominee to head the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power has no mention of water in a record drought year

The mayor’s record on water conservation

The water conservation achievements of LA's outgoing mayor have been the subject of hyperbole, however there have been impressive savings. Since 2007, water consumption in the City of Angeles has dropped by 17.58%.

High good, low bad: Mead in March 2013

The next mayor of Los Angeles needs to be a conservationist as Southern California faces a dry spring.

Who he?

He looks less like the father of LA’s water system William Mulholland (left) and more like ER’s Anthony Edwards, but according to the Los Angeles Times, energy consultant Ron Nichols, managing director of the Seattle-based Navigant, is the new nominee to become the next general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.

More will become clear about Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s latest candidate for a post whose politics have chewed up and spat out nine water department GMs in the last ten years. All the Nichols bio page at Navigant offers is a nugget that makes him sound like a Wall Street version of Wen Jiabao. “Ron Nichols is a Managing Director in the Energy practice [sic] has over [sic] 30 years of experience in utility asset and enterprise financing, utility mergers and acquisition, and power supply portfolio planning and procurement. Mr. Nichols was the

Arguing with drunks

Los Angeles City Hall on a foggy morning seen from the top floor of the DWP building. Photo: Emily Green. Click on the image to be taken to the City Council 'on demand' service to watch LA's politicians try to pass a lawn-watering ordinance.

Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti yesterday encouraged colleagues to approve a 3-day-a-week lawn-watering ordinance while defending himself against criticism from a recent op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times (written by me).

“There was an editorial or op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, it was well written, it argued that we shouldn’t go to 2-3 because it kills more plants,” he said. “If you actually look, there’s a lot of research on both sides and that is really more about grass only and certain types of grass. And even in the hottest hours, we know that if you only do it twice a week

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