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KILLING grass is relatively easy. Don’t water it. However, creating a beautiful, low-maintenance garden in its stead is the hard part. Help is at hand. From a large selection of dry gardening courses offered this summer, the theme that dominates is how to transition from lawn to a drought tolerant garden, one step at a time.

A selected listing of those courses:

Back by popular demand, Tree of Life Nursery's Replace Your Lawn Three Part workshops.

Back by popular demand, Tree of Life Nursery's 'Replace Your Lawn' three part workshops. Click on their keep off the grass art for more information, or see listing below.

July 11: “Look, Ma, no lawn!” Horticulturist, writer and broadcaster Lili Singer leads a How To class on removing lawn and replacing it with low-care native plants. Sponsored by the Theodore Payne Foundation, but held at the City Council District Office, Tujunga

July 15: Bye Bye Grass! Horticulture writer Nan Sterman leads a class on how to exterminate your lawn, including the pros and cons of chemical and non-chemical methods, and ways to physically remove grass. In part 2 on July 18, Sterman will discuss irrigation, design and soil preparation. The Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College, El Cajon

July 25: Turf Removal. Vickie Driver of Friends of the Water Conservation Garden, leads a course on evaluating soil, adjusting your irrigation system and alternative landscaping. Cuyamaca College, El Cajon

July 25: “Look, Ma, no lawn!” with Lili Singer, Theodore Payne Foundation. To be held at Headwaters Corner, Calabasas

July 31: “Look, Ma, no lawn!” with Lili Singer, Theodore Payne Foundation, Learn how to remove turf grass and what to plant in its place. To be held atHeadwaters Corner, Calabasas

August 7, 14, 21: Replacing your Lawn. Part  one (8/7): Kill the grass. Part  two (8/14): Creating and caring for your native garden. Part three (8/21): Introduction to top 30 native plants. Tree of Life Nursery, San Juan Capistrano

August 28: Replace Your Lawn Parts 1-3: Kill the grass, create and care for your native garden and introduction to 30 top native plants, all in one day. Tree of Life NurserySan Juan Capistrano

For a full listing of dry gardening summer events, click here.


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