Los Angeles fires from the Earth Observatory

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From top left to right, these images of the Los Angeles fires were captured on August 29th, August 30th, August 31st, September 2nd, September 3rd, September 6th and September 7th. The second to final image, taken September 6th, uses infrared definition to show the smoldering remains in black of the Los Angeles National Forest. The final one uses colorization to better define burn areas from where fire remains and unburned areas. Click twice on the image for a large version with helpful graphics overlaid.

To be taken to the Earth Observatory, click here.

9/3/2009: For Angelenos who think it’s all about us, it’s not. For information about wildfires burning across the West, click here for the National Interagency Fire Center.

9/15/2009: From NASA: Space Craft Talk Continued during JPL Wildfire Threat: As the flames of the raging brush fire dubbed the Station Fire threatened the northern edge of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Saturday, Aug. 29, the managers of NASA’s Deep Space Network prepared for the worst. The Deep Space Operations Center at JPL is the nerve center for the Deep Space Network, an international network of antennas that send and receive information to interplanetary spacecraft. Staffed 24/7, 365 days a year, the JPL hub is constantly active connecting three major antenna sites, numerous mission operation centers run by NASA and an international group of space agencies, and more than 30 spacecraft flying throughout our solar system. “We were more like the nervous center that weekend than the nerve center,” said Wayne Sible of JPL, the network’s deputy program manager for Deep Space Network development, operations and services. To keep reading about how JPL rode out the fires, click here.

9/17/2009: This post has been updated and changed to incorporate the most recent images.


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