Disaster denied

Posted on | January 28, 2010 | No Comments

Figure 7B from the USGS report "Emergency Assessment of Postfire Debris-Flow Hazards  for the 2009 Station Fire, San Gabriel Mountains, Southern  California"  The image shows the area that may be inundated by debris-flow deposits with the estimated volume class range for each basin when all sediment-retention basins are full in response to the 12-hour-duration, 2-year-recurrence storm.    “Southern California foothill communities escaped potentially disastrous debris flows from fire-scarred mountains during last week’s storms because total rainfall was far less than expected, the U.S. Geological Survey said Wednesday.”

Click here to keep reading the AP report in the San Francisco Chronicle about how Southern Californian foothill communities were lucky during the last rain, but how they are far from immune to deadly mudslides as the rainy season continues. Via Aquafornia.

Or, if you live in the foothills and you are still thinking about staying in your house the next time a big storm rolls through, click here to read the USGS  “Emergency Assessment of Postfire Debris-Flow Hazards for the 2009 Station Fire, San Gabriel Mountains, Southern California”


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