The week that was, 7/4-10/2010

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Detail from Watts Towers. Photo: Emily Green. Click on the image to read Robin Rauzi argue in the Los Angeles Times, "An Angeleno who has never toured Watts Towers is the urban equivalent of a New Yorker who has never bothered with the Statue of Liberty."

Emily Green is on vacation. The week that was will return July 25th. However, for those following the Las Vegas pipeline story, one announcement from Carson City deserves noting.

“The water rights issued to the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) under the 1989 applications in Spring Valley, Cave Valley, Dry Lake Valley and Delamar Valley will revert to application status.” — State Engineer of Nevada, July 7, 2010

Los Angeles water news is currently being most capably watched and explained by the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times. For daily round-ups of California water news, try Aquafornia, the newsfeed of the Water Education Foundation, or UC Berkeley’s On Water. For weekly summaries of San Diego water news, try Groksurf’s San Diego. Out of Sacramento, On the public record is on fire and, from Oregon, WaterWired’s Michael Campana has not only the best blog but also the best Twitter feed in H2O.

Click on the spire to be taken to the Towers' website.


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