A day in the Mojave

Posted on | February 2, 2012 | No Comments

Beauty before water news, which was pre-empted yesterday by a trip to the Mojave Desert on the day that this site normally reserves for bemoaning the half-empty state of Lake Mead.

These photographs come from a series taken yesterday in two gardens whose common denominator is landscape designer and glass artist Leigh Adams, whose decades in the desert near Joshua Tree have helped form something of a mafia of writers, artists and simply desert-lovers whose gardens are connected by a series of shared art projects, post-fire restoration efforts and plain friendship.

Click here to see the full set on Flickr. Tomorrow, the spirit of industry providing, there will be some slightly delayed hand-wringing about  lousy snowpack in the Rockies, some numbers from Lake Mead and notes from the Joshua Tree hearing  on the Cadiz groundwater-mining proposal for land near the Mojave National Preserve. 


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