The week that was, February 7-13, 2016

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“How do you get a farmer’s attention? Humbly, and with a thick wad of money.” — Hedge fund manager Disque Deane Jr, Can Wall Street solve the water crisis in the West?, ProPublica/Atlantic, 2/9/16

Individual farmers selling water away will crash their whole district. — A close look at water markets in practiceOn the Public Record, 2/9/16

La Aquadora by Francisco de Goya was carrying brandy according to the Times of London

La Aguadora (above), painted between 1808 and 1812, was wrongly interpreted as a decorative picture of a woman carrying a jug of water until researchers discovered that she was a folk heroine who helped Spanish troops attempting to repel French forces. She has been identified as Maria Agustin, who was carrying not water but brandy, which she distributed to Spanish troops to raise morale on the battlefield. — Goya’s water carrier was a war heroine, The Times, 2/11/16

It has so far proved impossible to pass a California water bill – even when conditions were desperate last year after 5 percent of normal snowpack. — Water Deeply Executive Summary on Sen Dianne Feinstein’s introduction of the California Long-Term Provisions for Water Supply and Short-Term Provisions for Emergency Drought Relief Act’’, 2/12/16

Source: NWS/NOAA. Click on the image for more from the National Weather Service.

Source: NWS/NOAA. Click on the image for more from the National Weather Service.

While there is both model and physical support for La Niña following strong El Niño, considerable uncertainty remains. El Niño/Southern Oscillation Diagnostic Discussion, National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, 2/11/16

“I thought of the Titanic.” — Royal Caribbean cruise passenger during a performance of “We Will Rock You,” Hell and High water: Passengers shaken as 30-ft. waves slam ship, New York Post, 2/9/16

Micellar waters are the hottest thing from France … – Micellar cleansing waters put to the test, Daily Telegraph, 2/13/16

“I am gratified it was this few.” — East Bay Municipal Utility District board member, EBMUD goofed on 116 water shaming bills, Contra Costa Times, 2/9/16

If the whole world isn’t watching, it should be. — Columnist Steve Lopez on the California Coastal Commission board meeting that led to the dismissal of the CCC’s environmentalist-supported Executive Director Charles Lester, The pristine beauty of California’s coast shouldn’t be for the few, Los Angeles Times, 2/10/16

$3m is just a fraction of what is needed, but it’s bigger than zero. — Sorting out the Salton Sea Mess, JFleck At Inkstain, 2/11/16

“We fell down on that. We’re human beings.” — Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District spokesman, Sewer, water service representatives say sewage in Meramec poses no hazards, St Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/13/16

… male inmates were given 40 percent of their daily adequate amount of water, and female inmates were given 55 percent … — ACLU sues jail over water crisis response, Charleston Gazette-Mail, 2/12/16

For more on the impact of Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire and the Munro family, click on the movie still to be taken to Roger Ebert's review of the British documentary "You've been Trumped."

For more on the impact of Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire and the Munro family’s history in the region, click on the movie still to be taken to Roger Ebert’s review of the British documentary “You’ve been Trumped.”

“Trump is making a fool of the planners.” — John Munro, Aberdeenshire resident whose Scottish home became flood prone after illegal grading for a Donald Trump golf course, Trump’s water hazard, The Sun, 2/9/16

“Please give conservation a chance. It sounds like a song, but it should be.” — Leeds Domestic Water Users Assn shareholder Martha Ham, Without Lake Powell Pipeline open house, Utah activists crash water board meeting, Salt Lake Tribune, 2/12/16

Villagers who’ve been warned their homes will be under the sea within a century are launching a £100m compensation suit. — Abandoned to the sea, North Wales Daily Post, 2/13/16

Work from Gideon Mendel's Drowning World project is at Travel Photo Jaipur through 2/14. Click on the image to learn more about his international photo project dedicated to chronicling climate change at National Geographic.

Work from Gideon Mendel’s Drowning World project is at Travel Photo Jaipur through 2/14. Click on the image to be taken to National Geographic to learn more about his international photo project using classical portraiture to capture the surreal horror of climate change-induced flooding.

“The portrait is conventional but the water around them makes it extreme.” — Photographer Gideon Mendel, Capturing a drowning world, The Hindu, 2/11/16

The two reporters realized that local media would cover childhood lead poisoning once every decade or so, and each time, a flurry of grants and plans from the city and surrounding Cuyahoga County would follow. — How local media coverage is forcing Cleveland to try to finally fix its lead problem, Columbia Journalism Review, 2/9/16

“It doesn’t just come out of the wall.” — NRDC Midwest program director Henry Henderson, Unsafe Lead Levels in Tap Water Not Limited to Flint, New York Times, 2/8/16

Damon has launched the #buyaladyadrink campaign.  — Matt Damon on Hollywood racism, Africa’s water shortage and privileged upbringings, The Independent, 2/5/16

In Florida, there are two coasts — the Gulf and Atlantic — and one problem: elected officials. — In Florida, GOP leaders think you are idiots, Eye on Miami, 2/13/16

“By adding the springs component we’re not detracting anything from the Everglades restoration.” —  Florida Sen Joe Negron, Springs funding tied to South Florida Water Projects, Gainsville Sun, 2/10/16

“We can’t just pray for rain and everything will be fine; we have to be ready to receive the rain we do get.” — Texas rancher Gary Price, Better water, better beef, Beef, 2/11/16

“… up to 22% of the US marine catch is discarded each year.” —  Bringing bycatch to the forefront.  John Racanelli, chairman of the National Aquarium, “A Blue View,” WYPR, 2/9/16

“I do not believe that this has got to be a perfect world for us to not be stupid.” — Washington University professor Bob Criss on building on flood plains, Record flooding in Missouri spurs debate over levees, Marketplace, 2/8/16

Hat tip to Tim Wheeler on Facebook for posting the CJR piece.


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