The week that was, March 13-19, 2016

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For more about the bronze, granite and quartz Andrew W. Mellon Memorial Fountain by sculptor Sidney Waugh, click on the image. Photo: Cliff 1066/Wikipedia

The bronze, granite and quartz fountain in front of the National Gallery by sculptor Sidney Waugh was re-started this week after a motionless eight years. Click on the image to learn more about Waugh and the water feature honoring Andrew W. Mellon’s contribution to the gallery. Photo: Cliff1066/Wikipedia

“We asked for it because the National Park Service didn’t want it.” — National Gallery Director “Rusty” Powell, One of DC’s great fountains comes back to life but it shouldn’t have taken so long, Washington Post, 3/17/16 
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The week that was, March 6-12, 2016

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Almonds in drought on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley. Photo: Emily Green

Almonds in drought on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley. Photo: Emily Green

“We’re not collecting any more money from the ratepayers. All we’re doing is, we’re taking money and saying we are reclassifying it from an account payable to income.”  —  Westlands Water District general manager Tom Birmingham to his board, California water district fined by SEC over “Enron” accounting, New York Times, 3/11/16

Westlands Water District is broker than it looks from the outside. Without “Enron accounting,” they can barely afford their debt service. — Instead of ‘Supermarket to the World,’ On the Public Record, 3/9/16

“There were six Goliaths in there and all I had was just a little pea stone.” — Nolen Scott Ely, Dimock, PA resident whose well was Gasland posterpoisoned by fracking by Cabot Oil and Gas Corp, Jury awards families $4.24 million in contaminated water case, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/11/2016 

Dimock, which was featured in the 2010 fracking documentary “Gasland,” has been called “ground zero” in the fight over fracking. — Family wins case against fracking  company after 7 years of polluted drinking water, Think Progress, 3/10/16

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The week that was, February 28-March 5, 2016

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Berta Cáceres. Source: Goldman Environmental Foundation

Berta Cáceres. Source: Goldman Environmental Foundation. Click on the image for an appreciation from Goldman.

“Giving our life … for the protection of rivers is giving our life for the well being of humanity and our planet.” — Berta Cáceres, The Goldman Environmental Foundation, 3/3/16

“…part of a global wave of such attacks.” — Naomi Klein on the murder of anti-dam environmental activist Berta Cáceres,  Honduran human rights and environment activist murdered, The Guardian, 3/4/16

… the bullet that killed Tomás Garcia came from an army officer, and was intended for killing the people who oppose construction of the Agua Zarca Dam in Honduras. — International Rivers, 7/19/2013 * Read more

The week that was, February 21-27, 2016

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Forest Lawn Lift Station

Calgary’s Utilities and Environmental Protection Public Art Plan “Watershed+” used lights to track the rate of sewage treatment on the side of the city’s Forest Lawn wastewater lift system. Click on the rendering to hear engineers, artists and city planners discuss their desire to spark awareness of normally hidden infrastructure.

Oh, sh*t. — Calgary’s ‘poop palace’ wins wasteful spending award, Calgary Herald, 2/24/16

“We have the artists in the canal visit early on so they can understand the canal, and move with the canal, because the installations on water are technically very challenging.” — Donna Isaac, director of Scottsdale Public Art, A celebration of light, water and art, Arizona Republic, 2/23/16

“I listened very carefully and politely while you misstated the facts,” San Francisco Bay area Democratic congressman Jared Huffman to Tom Birmingham, general manager of the Central Valley’s Westlands Water District, Old tensions boil over once more in House hearings on California water, McClatchyDC, 2/24/16.  Read more

The week that was, February 14-20, 2016

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Gavin Younge's sculptures, such as this rendering of De Hoop Vlei, a nature reserve and wetland, represent water bodies impacted by climate change in South Africa.

Gavin Younge’s folded metal sculptures, such as this rendering of De Hoop Vlei, a nature reserve and wetland, study water bodies impacted by climate change in South Africa. They are part of the show “Water Matters” at IS Art Gallery at 11 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek, South Africa, until February 29. Click on the image to be taken to the catalogue.

These outlines, delineated by topographic contour lines, have been removed from the plate steel and exist as absences – metonyms for desire, as in most cases these dams are never full. — Sculptures highlight drought and ‘Water Matters,’ Cape Times,  2/17/16

Watch the video all you like. But if you live in Boston please don’t try it yourself — it could prove dangerous (and we’ve had enough snow already). — What happens when boiling water meets freezing cold air?, Boston Globe, 2/17/16

Oily black liquid is coming out of residential faucets in the rural Texas town of Crystal City, and no one is sure who to alert … — ‘Black sludge’ pours out of Texas town’s faucet days after FBI arrests nearly every city official, Think Progress, 2/19/16

“It’s the wave of the future.” — Maryland Secretary of the Environment Ben Grumbles on nutrient trading in which polluters pay other polluters to stop polluting instead of stopping polluting themselves, Midday, WYPR, 2/17/16

“At a very basic level this is an urban sprawl issue masquerading as a drinking water problem …” –Cory Mason, Racine representative on the Great Lakes Regional Body, Public hearing on historic application to tap Lake Michigan’s Drinking Water, CBS 58, 2/18/16

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