David Nahai out at LADWP

Posted on | October 2, 2009 | 1 Comment

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The Los Angeles Times has the story of the sudden resignation of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power general manager David Nahai, which was announced in a morning statement from the Mayor’s office. LA Observed has the mayor’s statement and Nahai’s resignation letter. It is expected that stepping up as temporary replacement will be deputy mayor S. David Freeman. According to Freeman, Mayor Villaraigosa is interested in forming a coalition of urban mayors on water issues.

10/3/2009 UPDATE: for a follow-up story from the Times, click here.

10/7/2009 UPDATE: The Los Angeles Times has a scathing editorial on the political maneuvering behind Nahai’s dismissal. An excerpt: Nahai’s “lukewarm support for Measure B, a flawed initiative on the March ballot, attracted the ire of its architect — Brian D’Arcy, the head of the DWP’s powerful electricians union. A key aim of Measure B was to ensure that large-scale solar energy projects in L.A. would be owned by the DWP and thus built and maintained by union members. The initiative, which was defeated in March, was also heavily backed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who receives generous contributions from D’Arcy’s union.” Click here for the full text.

10/9/2009 UPDATE: In the latest in a series of articles on the ousting of general manager David Nahai in favor of S. David Freeman, the Los Angeles Times editorial pages have an op-ed urging the appointment of a professional utilities manager. “Although both the unions and mayor have a different idea, Freeman needs to find a real leader for the nation’s largest city-run utility. Anything less will be politics as usual,” writes energy commentator Richard Nemec.


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